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Saturday, October 17, 2009

it's been too long, yal

can u believe it has been so long? i really cant, but at the same time i can. nearly one year has passed since my same entry, and might i say that i am astounded by the nature of this world's serendipity? Admittedly, I suck at tons of things. In fact, I think i have strange metal disorder where logic is somewhat distorted, i mean visually. It's almost like that kid in Royal Tennanbaum's 'Hinesburg' syndrome or something, like visually I cannot reproduce/ fathom an image as if in a mirror. . . . Never mind.

Today was somewhat good.... Thank u universe for bringing back to me something that i had in mind. u really r grand. i knew this was something i connected w :) oh and also, thank u for making me enroll in fashion school. what a brilliant manifestation of evolution.

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maaquala said...

Dear Clara Moist,
come back to us, we need more hellavating!

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